A Miss Me Story

Prom season is approaching! This once in a lifetime event doesn’t have to break the bank! This year’s dress trends can be found for under $100! Paired with some Miss Me shoes, you’ll be sure to stay within your budget!
As U Wish One Shoulder Sequin Dress from Nordstrom ($58)

with Miss Me’s Vivid-2

Speechless Pearl Trim Pleated Tube Dress from Sears($89.99)

with Miss Me’s Avery-8 from Endless ($46.95)


B Smart Junior’s Sleeveless A-Line Dress from Sears ($39.99)

with Miss Me’s Jocelyn-27 from Endless ($53.95)

Speechless Sequin Top Mesh Dress from Sears ($74.99)

with Miss Me’s Vibe-2

Geraldy-Blue Printed Prom Dress from Windsor ($89.90)

with Miss Me’s Avery-6 Endless ($46.95)


After all, it should be your story, not Cinderella’s…


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